Flyboardteam Netherlands - Canal Challenge 2017 (Flight for Petra and other fellow-sufferers)

Father and son Stephan and Bo Krook are well known from their spectacular shows as opening of the world famous Canal Parade in Amsterdam every year. They always know how to stun the millions along the route and watching it live on TV with their breathtaking acrobatics on their Flyboards. In 2015 Bo took the Selfie of the year that has gone viral all over the world.

Their performance during the Canal Parade, 3 hours of non-stop Flyboarding, is an achievement in itself. But now Stephan and Bo have started a challenge of a Life(time) . A special and emotional journey where they will go all out to help Petra survive. They will cross the Canal between England and France on a Flyboard ! An almost supernatural task of 6-8 hours of non-stop Flyboarding on open sea, The Canal Challenge 2017 !

Petra is Stephans wife and Bo's mother. In 2015 she was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor, a grade 4 glioblastoma. They found out because Petra was getting epileptic seizures, which she never had before. After research and a brain operation, the doctors told her that this is a very aggressive tumor that will grow back quickly.

Petra and her family are very committed to fight this and slow the growth as much as possible. By eating healthy, veggie juices and supplements, exercise, etc. This has proved to be effective, the tumor has stayed away longer than expected. But it is growing again and the medical treatments in the Netherlands are not sufficient enough for Petra's survival.

After a long search they found several promising therapies in Germany, one of them is the so called Proton-therapy. This therapy works very well and gives a high chance of survival. However, although 3 Dutch hospitals have ordered these machines, they won't be operational before somewhere in 2018. And as long as they are not operational, Dutch insurance won't cover this therapy across the border.

As you can imagine, waiting for 2018 is not an option for Petra, it is vital for her to start the therapy as soon as possible to have a good chance to overcome and survive the cancer.

This was enough cause for Stephan and Bo to step into action and make this bold decision. Crossing the canal on a Flyboard, generate heaps of media-attention and reach out to sponsors and donors to team up with them and beat the cancer. For Stephan, Bo and Petra no wave will be to high if you support them. Your support will carry them across like being on wings.

Update : Petra has total impairment of her right arm and partially on her right leg. So time is of the essence.

Let's do this together and grant us the wings to fly across. Giving Petra and other patients a good chance to survive.... Together we can !!!

Stichting Flight for Petra 


See video's below!

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